"Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book" check box is disabled in Outlook 2007 Contact folder properties

by Damiaan Peeters 27. May 2008 19:13

2008-05-26 - SOLVED


I had this problem that my e-mail contacts where not linked to my e-mails.  I found this "Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book", but i was unable to activate the checkbox.

According to the Microsoft Support website you can solve this

When these too solutions are not working you are pretty much left on your own. 


I've read in my search for a solution that Microsoft Outlook (2007) might loose track of the address book when you move datafiles, when you migrate form a other system or ...

It might be possible that the mail profile gets damaged.



Google and Live served me no solution so i re-read the support articles.
The solution is mentioned if you carefully read the KB 197577 .  It states:

"Your profile is damaged and does not recognize the Outlook Address Book service."

As i was searching for several hours for a solution, I didn't focussed on repairing the profile. I just deleted my mail profile and created a new one. 

These steps solved the issue for me:

  1. take note (and backup's) of all existing outlook settings: attached datafiles, account settings (hostnames, usernames, passwords!), ...
  2. be sure that outlook is not anymore in memory, reboot if necaissary
  3. go to "Mail" in configuration panel (under users for Windows Vista),
  4. remove the profile,
  5. create a profile
  6. start outlook,
  7. re-attach other datafiles datafiles and remove newly created datafiles (for the new profile)
  8. ACTIVATE the "Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book"
  9. Be happy

Hope it helps.


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