Fogbugz try-out

by Damiaan Peeters 14. May 2010 11:22

We are evaluating Fogbugz, project tracking software. Because I consider ourself as a startup and we are only with 2 persons, we got it for free from FogBugz.

Our first 4 days are already very convincing.  We both started with changing our filters to our own needs. Set up an support@… e-mail account which is automatically checked by FogBugz.  We haven’t installed any special plug-ins until now. 

The extensive FogBugz API makes you think the sky is the limit.  If you can not find the features you need in some existing plug-in, you can write it yourself.  Really.  This is a very well documented API.  Congratulations at the FogCreek team.

The Fogbugz Outlook plugin from “CNOC Informatiesystemen” is working very well, in our Outlook 2010, which i have installed on my pc.

More on fogbugz later…

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