My tools for Azure

by Damiaan Peeters 20. June 2011 17:56

Lately you see more azure development.  It’s true that Microsoft is highly investing in the platform (and the marketing). As lot of people know Microsoft doesn’t always provide the best tools themselves, but they do support partners to build tools. 

So, what tools am I using currently?  I use

I use also (not storage related but very useful)

  • Spotlight on azure (in Beta from Quest - monitor resources on an instance, see link below)
  • Greybox (easily kill active deployments quickly - – when developing with staging environments, you can't miss this tool !)
  • SqlExaminer & sql data examiner (synchronize you SQLAzure with local or other DB's -  - recently had a major upgrade for Azure)

You can find a lot of (paying) tools
or from Quest (all in beta and currently free):

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