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by Damiaan Peeters 29. December 2008 00:44

I got today back on an old controls assembly.  I am using DevExpress controls for more than a year.  But there are still some forms using my old control library.  It would have been a mess cleaning up this old directory, until i realized that this could be done very easily using NDepend.

I loaded the assemblies and used the dependency matrix to find out where the controls are used.


Especially the “Remove Empty… Rows and columns” image  gave me a quick overview of controls which still where used on some forms and should have been replaced by other ones.

Furtermore i looked – just for fun – at the “abstractness versus instability” graph created by NDepend.  I took a screenshot:


As you can see, it ain’t looking good.  When i started developing this application, i never heard of abstractions and instability was my middlename. Well… None of my assemblies are in “zone of uselessness” (upper right corner), but i know the “zone of pain” very well.

The numbers aren’t lying:

Application Metrics

Number of IL instructions: 1006520
Number of lines of code: 121799
Number of lines of comment: 22251
Percentage comment: 15
Number of assemblies: 11
Number of classes: 849
Number of types: 896
Number of abstract classes: 2
Number of interfaces: 10
Number of value types: 4
Number of exception classes: 0
Number of attribute classes: 0
Number of delegate classes: 0
Number of enumerations classes: 33
Number of generic type definitions: 36
Number of generic method definitions: 5
Percentage of public types: 86,27%
Percentage of public methods: 80,31%
Percentage of classes with at least one public field: 2,23%

I know i can do better  :-)



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