Scale up on Azure (and pay less)

by Damiaan Peeters 23. April 2011 01:47

Ok, you win a contest and receive an Windows Azure and SQL Azure Extended subscription worth € 500. This package includes 750 hours of a small compute instance and even 1 Business Edition database (up to 10 GB relational database).  Not bad, right?  Many thanks of course for the Belgian Umbraco User Group and Microsoft.

Last few weeks I’ve been testing around with Azure and I am starting to get confortable with it.  Even so confortable I looked at the invoices which contained almost 30 pages for last month only.  Thirty pages, while I didn’t do many heavy things.  And this all for the total amount of € 4,61.

If you want to digg into the € 4,61 split up, you will see that there is € 1.42 for relation databases. And even € 3,19 for compute hours. While this should be included in the package (that’s what they promised me …)


If you want to know why:

I was using EXTRA SMALL compute instances and WEB databases instead of SMALL and BUSINESS versions.


Upgrade your database: login into go to databases and click on the manage button.  Enter your sql credentials and UPGRADE your SQL database:

ALTER DATABASE yourdatabasename
MODIFY (EDITION =  'business', MAXSIZE=10GB)

Then change the CSDEF file and REDEPLOY your solution (this can’t be changed post-deployment)

<ServiceDefinition name="<service-name>" upgradeDomainCount="<number-of-upgrade-domains>">
  <WebRole name="<web-role-name>" vmsize="[ExtraSmall|Small|Medium|Large|ExtraLarge]" >
  <WorkerRole name="<worker-role-name>" vmsize="[ExtraSmall|Small|Medium|Large|ExtraLarge]">

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