Adding the dictionary as a new section in umbraco v4.10+ and v6

by Damiaan Peeters 9. July 2013 16:41

Updating the section area in the backend is not that difficult anymore since the application.config and tree.config files were introduced.

Here is a small HowTo, helping you to put the dictionary as a separate icon in the section area

  1. Open the file /config/application.config and add this line just before the </applications>
    <add alias="dictionary" name="Dictionary" icon="dict.png" sortOrder="7" />
  2. Open the file /config/trees.config and add the following line at the end, just before </trees>
    <add application="dictionary" alias="dictionaryApp" title="Dictionary" type="umbraco.loadDictionary, umbraco" iconClosed=".sprTreeFolder" iconOpen=".sprTreeFolder_o" action="openDictionary()" sortOrder="0" />
  3. Last, add a new icon in the following directory /umbraco/images/tray.  I’ve added a very simple, which you can download and save at the appropriate location.  Save this file as “dict.png”.
  4. Enable the section for user who needs this separate dictionary section
    To do so, find the user in the users section.  Then mark the checkbox for this dictionary and save.

Did you used the section area for other useful things? 



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