Google Analytics Trick – How to export 7000 rows

by Damiaan Peeters 19. May 2010 09:43

A few weeks ago someone told me that Google is not capable to export lots of data to CSV.  Although you have a export to CSV option, it is limited to the “show 500 lines”.  To export you have of course the Data export API, but if you are not ready to use the API, you might be interested to use the following tip.

Today, I read a useful tip how to export more rows to CSV from SeoMoz

  • Add "&limit=#" in the URL image
  • Then Select Export to CSV image

Fogbugz try-out

by Damiaan Peeters 14. May 2010 11:22

We are evaluating Fogbugz, project tracking software. Because I consider ourself as a startup and we are only with 2 persons, we got it for free from FogBugz.

Our first 4 days are already very convincing.  We both started with changing our filters to our own needs. Set up an support@… e-mail account which is automatically checked by FogBugz.  We haven’t installed any special plug-ins until now. 

The extensive FogBugz API makes you think the sky is the limit.  If you can not find the features you need in some existing plug-in, you can write it yourself.  Really.  This is a very well documented API.  Congratulations at the FogCreek team.

The Fogbugz Outlook plugin from “CNOC Informatiesystemen” is working very well, in our Outlook 2010, which i have installed on my pc.

More on fogbugz later…

“Change product key Office 2010” option not available

by Damiaan Peeters 13. May 2010 14:02

Ok.  I admit.  I used a borrowed Microsoft Office 2010 key to install the software.  (But, I never clicked the activate button.  Knowing that the software won’t work anymore after 30 days of trial.)
Today, I looked up my MAPS product key and I wanted to change the product key.

I have no option, i say NO option, in outlook/word where i see “Change product key”.  Trust me, I can search.  I wear glasses which cost almost the price of an MS OFfice 2010 suite.

Or what to do what if you activated “by accident” with the wrong serial number.  (Read: I installed unofficially but now i have bought Office 2010 now)


Fortunately, there is an easy way to change the product key.  One you might not think of instantly.

Reinstall the software… Or just take the “Change product key” option on this screen:

  • Go to Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features
  • Select Microsoft Office (…) 2010 and click Change on the top of the screen

You will get the following screen.  You can guess it, choose “Enter a Product Key” an hit Continue.


The rest of the story is easy…

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