Searching in all tables and columns of a database

by Damiaan Peeters 26. May 2008 12:57

There are a lot of people struggling with finding data.  What about these two solutions... Google gave me these solutions...

When you know little about a database or can't remember it is often nice to be able to do global type searches on that database. This scenario can be thought of in two ways.

  • Search database schema
  • Search database data

Below I describe how to do both on a MS SQL database.

Search MS SQL Server for any text | Just Geeks 


And what do you think of this problem...  I guess you know the problem...

I was forced recently to do some maintenance and bug fixing on an aging .NET-based CMS.

Most of the problems were in the SQL Server database, with lots of corrupted entries. The most frustrating thing however was that at times I didn’t even know where to find the entries. Try finding some specific strings in a database with a hundred tables, each with many columns (poorly named, obviously) and tens of thousands of records – it’s like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Searching in all tables and columns of a database | RichNetApps Developers' blog

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