Sending emails from Azure

by Damiaan Peeters 2. September 2012 18:55

There are a few ways to send you e-mail from azure.

As I wrote in the azure forums november last year, these are some options:

  • A free SMTP server from Live, Gmail or yahoo
  • Your proper smtp server (from your internet provider with smtp authentication)
  • Office 365.  Use exchange to send out e-mail.  It costs $ 4,50/month for an account.  Office 365 offers exchange mailboxes as well as POP3 and SMTP connections.  The exchange mailboxes can be accessed using Exchange Web Services
  • Another solution, but it will require extra development, is the Amazon simple e-mail service (

But you might be interested in one additional option.  Sendgrid is a SMTP gateway provider.  They offer currently a free 25000 emails / month subscription for Windows Azure users. Sending e-mails can be done using an API or just over regular SMTP.

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