Bart De Smet gone mad about Extension methods

by Damiaan Peeters 7. January 2008 16:56

Our beloved Bart De Smet has gone mad.  Complete insane.  He started to add some Extension Methods to do Exception handling. 

He writes the following on his blog:

What a joke you must think when reading this post's title. Isn't the functional paradigm all about side-effect free programming and the such? Well, it turns out you're absolutely right. So, why this post? I have to admit I had yet another crazy Sunday afternoon idea that I found worthwhile to open VS 2008 for and give it a short.  Exception Handling in functional style - B# .NET Blog

You read it well.  "Another crazy Sunday".  It appears that working at Microsoft has some side effects.

Apart from the crazy Sundays Bart, created to a few 5 star Webcasts about C# 3.0.

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