export a DHCP reservations to a text file

by Damiaan Peeters 19. March 2008 16:05

On the internet you can find tons of information about exporting a dhcp reservationlist (from Microsoft DHCP server).

Today, I tried to do that using NETSH.  Unfortunately i always received the following error:

The following command was not found: dhcp 

If you see this error, you should check if the DHCP is available.  To do this, enter the next command:

netsh show helper

If DHCP is not shown in the list, you can add it, by running the following command on your command prompt:

netsh add helper dhcpmon.dll

After you added the helper, you will be able to run all commands regarding the dhcp.  For example get the server reservation list:

netsh -r MyDhcpServernameOrIpAddress dhcp server dump 



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