How to really show off Deepzoom technology

by Damiaan Peeters 31. August 2009 11:57

What is Deepzoom

Deepzoom is a product build on Silverlight technology.  It gives you the ability to smoothly zoom and pan on images.  The loading time is incredibly short because only parts of images are send over the network. This type of browsing can be compared with viewing imagery on google maps, live earth.

A nice example is the Memorablia of the HardRock café.  I searched for a guide on the internet, on how to get as deep as possible on the pictures.  This examples goes even a few levels deep.

If you search on the web for Deepzoom, you will find much more details and explanation.

Where to start

Go to

and look for “Paul McCartney – The Beatles Letter from Paul and Beatles autographs”.  (Item number: 043311).

Finding this item, can be easily done by:

  • be clicking on “The Beatles” on the left side, or
  • use the search on the top right of the screen like this:
    image   or image

The item you are looking for is this one: 

Go deeper

Have you already noticed the stamp on the left top of the envelop?  That is where you should go.  Use your mouse scroll wheel to enlarge this item.

As you will see this is not a normal stamp.  These are pictures of various buildings.  (Does anyone know which buildings these are?)


Zoom into the picture of the 3th row, 2nd column.  If I’am not mistaken, this is the Seattle hardrock Café.


If you thought this is cool, go to left below the middle of the image, you will see some white suites



Then zoom in on “The Beatles” Doll's image in the middle.


This last doll’s are available as a separate item  in Memorablilia: The Beatles “Bobb’n Head” dolls, and is available under Item number 051228.  The cool thing is, this contains some embedded video as shown below (click More Info – Video).

Do it yourself

You can make yourself Deepzoom content by using deepzoom composer.  Try it out, and let me know if you archived something spectacular.

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